A Portrait Of Two American Families

"Like millions of Americans, I grew up loving the works of Norman Rockwell. He captured the simple and ordinary in our American way of life. In his paintings, he was able to touch us all with some sort of emotion.

The Unknown Rockwell: A Portrait of Two Families" will create for you a wonderful warm feeling.  It’s intimate and loaded with moments we can all treasure." 
- Dick Clark, Television Producer and Media Legend

I just finished the book and I am left without words. I wept through most of the last few chapters knowing in my heart what was coming to the patriarchs of the two families and also knowing I was nearing the end of this wonderful book.

The story is so perfect and I have this urge to meet Bud and know that I am meeting walking history. I also must say that you have written this in such a way that makes it impossible to set the book down for any length of time. You have captured in writing what Rockwell did on canvas, a story that all can visualize and relate to. I look forward to the release on October the 8th, 2009 and await the chance to buy more copies for my family and friends.
- Tim Kavanagh, Television Host, "Late Night Saturday" WCAX

"This fascinating book presents an intimate understanding of Rockwell ... well beyond his illustrations, capturing the heartwarming American way of life that Rockwell both lived and painted. A must-read for anyone interested in discovering Rockwell behind the canvas."
- Rita Cosby, Award-winning journalist and New York Times Best-Selling Author

Nan/Buddy's book is like John Grisham's novel "An Unpainted House" ... except better because it's real. This is a great VACATION book. No matter when you read it. No matter where you read it. Your brain will take you on vacation.

- Michael McVay, McVay Media


“He [Buddy] was the closest living thing to what I would have liked to have been…like a Greek hero…”
- Jarvis “Jerry” Rockwell