A Portrait Of Two American Families

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“The Unknown Rockwell: A Portrait Of Two American Families gives you a unique chance to meet and intimately know the Norman Rockwell Family, as well as their next door neighbors, the Edgertons.

This engrossing personal story is not just about Norman Rockwell, the public figure. It's about Norman Rockwell the man, and the connection the two families had as neighbors and as friends. This book is a slice of a once in a lifetime story that you will have a hard time putting down."

Thomas Daly, Curator of Education Norman Rockwell Museum, Stockbridge, NH

 “In the beautifully observed The Unknown Rockwell, James Edgerton and his co-author Nan O'Brien, remind us of a bygone era when citizens of small towns toiled to be good neighbors, when a celebrity such as Norman Rockwell was able to appreciate that goodness of community and make it integral to his art through the medium of magazine  illustrations that reached millions of Americans. 

This memoir's tender recall of the hardscrabble life in a southern Vermont town, the loving portrait of the Rockwells and the Edgertons living side by side, leaves one with a sense of nostalgia and longing.” 

Joseph Olshan, New York Times bestselling author of Clara's Heart and The Conversion

“Norman Rockwell’s paintings depicted everyday life in a simpler time. This book gives insight into the real people who served as inspiration for his work.”

Charlie Anderson, CEO Anderson Media Corp.